Hello & Welcome!

My name is Chuck and I'm the sole force behind Smell This Candle. I'm a long time hairdresser, salon owner and overall creative professional that just loves to create things with my hands. 


It was a mishap really, my getting into candle making. I came across a video on Youtube that sparked my interest and after several hundred videos more, I KNEW candle making was in my future!

I've purchased MORE than my fair share of candles in my life and I love them. Lighting just the right candle can alter your mood, invoke a memory and set the ambiance of your room. I knew with my skillful sense of smell and my love of all things fragrant and beautiful, I was embarking on the perfect adventure.

I've made hundreds and hundreds of candles at this point. It still feels like the very first day. All that excitement and enjoyment wrapped into one solid emotion of happiness. I pour all of that love into every candle that I make and I hope that every time you light one of my candles, you feel all of that love pouring out!

I invite you to experience the divine scents of SMELL THIS CANDLE.