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Black Amber & Lavender candle

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Introducing our Black Amber & Lavender Candle, a luxurious blend of exotic Egyptian amber and refined French Lavender. This rich and comforting fragrance is enhanced by subtle hints of tonka bean and myrrh, creating a harmonious balance of sweet floral and earthy notes. Perfect for setting a relaxing and sophisticated ambiance in any room. Light up this candle and let it transport you to a world of luxury and elegance.


  • Top – floral
  • Middle – French Lavender, Egyptian amber
  • Bottom – black myrrh, tonka bean, Egyptian musk, sage
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Each item is made by hand. Slight variations may appear from product to product (i.e. color variations, label placement, etc), but in no way affect the performance of the product. 

Black Amber & Lavender candle
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